Happy Birthday Canada!!

The weekend was a total blast! I got to get to know some new friends better. Cheruby came with me camping and we had a rockin' good time.

We had to drive up on Saturday morning so we left early enough (after having to borrow his mom's tent because my tent has gone missing from my basement - please let me know if you've seen it) to take the scenic route south of the Saskatchewan River from Saskatoon to North Battleford. It was very, very dusty. Cheruby's hair turned gray from all the fine dust sticking to it. Crazy! We were feeling pretty gross, but gas at Battleford was 99 cents and the gorgeous Saskatchewan scenery was well worth it.

Cheruby played in his first LARP on Saturday evening after a dip in the pool. He did very well and looked very dashing in his top hat and tux costume. I even think he's going to come with me again sometime. YAY!

There was some carousing after the game, but we were very tired from the day's travel and intense new experience. Of course, because it wasn't my tent my air mattress was a little big for the tent. In fact, it didn't fit well at all. We had a very small door opening left to crawl through once the mattress was full. I thought it was great.

The next day was full of napping, carousing, swimming (lots of swimming), frolicking, massages, fireworks and a wonderful round of "O! Canada". It was a lot of fun. Oh, I forgot to mention the games that were played. You can't get rid of all the geekery from a party of geeks even though there was a champagne fountain.

It was a great weekend.

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