Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cheruby and I got home this evening from our wonderful camping weekend and watched a movie.

Weekend notes: I finally got what being away from home with no worries does for my mom. My shoulders and neck were so much less tense. I slept beautifully for the first time all week. I met more of Cheruby's family and they were wonderful. Played a lot of games with Cheruby and his uncle. It was such a good visit.

Back to the movie. Cheruby wanted to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with me. I thought I remembered Clark telling me that I might not like it after he'd seen it. I trust his judgement on these things and he was right - I wasn't ready to see it. It would have really, really upset me. I think I would have appreciated the movie as being as beautiful as it was, but I wouldn't have enjoyed it much. Tonight wasn't that different except that I was with Cheruby and that made it good. The movie was, as Cheruby said, beautiful. I didn't once bring myself out of it to say, "That's Jim Carrey acting." Apparently, he can act! Besides that, it took me with it through the story of how a relationship failed even though there was love and then started again knowing that it failed the previous time. It had a great ending where you are left to decide for yourself how they end up. I said that it was wonderful and I never wanted to see it again. That was a few hours ago and I don't know if I'm still feeling that way. Maybe I do want to see it again.

ESotSM left me with three thoughts:

  1. It was a really beautiful.

  2. I didn't want that to happen to Cheruby and me. They started out so happy and went down the drain. I hated the thought of that happening to us.

  3. I was scared of Cheruby's ex. "Was" being the operative word. Cheruby confidently told me that she has nothing to do with the success of our relationship. Yep, I'm in - hook, line, and sinker. [heart-flutter]

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