Happy Birthday, Christophyr!!

I know that this is a blatant abuse of my blog in order to promote discomfort and uneasiness in others, but Clark's 30th birthday is today and it would be awful to do to him what we did to Neuba's husband.

So, if you know this fellow, send him a note to taunt him that you know his secret. If you're close enough, you should give him a hug because he really loves hugs. ;)

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Christopher said...

You. Are. Such. A. Brat.


Bne said...

Someone "accidently" tipped off his co-workers about it.

I will not rest until he is brought to justice!

Siochain said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (apparently, capitals = yelling, and I figure we live far enough away that I'd have to yell pretty loud)

Christopher said...

THANKS! ( Hmm, maybe there needs to be a double capital or something. You are practically in a different city up there in your quad. )

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