Hard Life

Since I got to Calgary, I've been nursing my sunburn and whining about it a lot. I like to sleep on my tummy, you see. And it hurts so much that I can't so I'm waking myself just before I drift off because I roll onto my belly. [sigh] It's a hard life. [Visions of third world countries from those commercials going through my head.] My left breast also really started hurting today. Apparently, I was paying too much attention to my belly burn and neglecting my boob burn. Really hard life. [More flies crawling allover small stick like children with their distended bellies.]

So today, I got riled up at work. Someone from our client tech support center called a client at the request of one of my staff and told the client that my staff member's instructions were completely wrong, thus, discrediting her. Am I wrong to be this bothered by that? Because I am. I know she's not the easiest person to deal with when she upset and she's very much used to getting her way, but how rude is that?!?! In front of a client!! I'm going to have a very good, rational discussion about it on Friday and we'll get it all sorted out, but right now, I'm still too riled. Gggrrrrr...

On the plus side, it's great to get riled up again. I have two more days until I have no more theme song. [grin]

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rach said...

Hey is your staff member my twin? I'm hard to get along with and am used to having my own way all the time...
I'm so proud that people I know can have calm rational discussions about stuff like that, 'coz I certainly am not capable...
Work was a doozy today...

Jenn & Owen said...

So any chance of bringing your sunburnt self up to Edmonton this weekend?

Suz said...

Unfortunately, I was still in Calgary last weekend and drove back to Saskatoon with my niece late on Saturday night! I kept meaning to mention it. Sorry!

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