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Thanksgiving went well. I freaked out as usual. I can't seem to make it through a family gathering at my house without freaking out. Ah well, they love me anyway and I love them.

I was made incredibly happy by R&R's attendance at Thanksgiving dinner. There was much tomfoolery with my niece and nephew, especially my nephew. He's a quiet kid normally, but he bloomed into the centre of attention that evening. And my niece, who is usually the centre, just let it be that way. I was quite proud of her, actually. She shared the spotlight or went and found someone else to pay attention to her.

We celebrated my dad's 60th that weekend too. I love him very much. It was really good to see him and he fixed my front stoop. He's a good man.

A few short (but very, very long) days at work and I had a vacation day on Friday the 13th because I don't work on any Friday the 13th if it can be helped. Just a general rule I like. Makes me happy.

So Cheruby and I went to his uncle's cabin for the weekend. We left on Thursday night and had a very relaxing weekend without any obligations of our real lives. Lots of game playing. They taught me Civilization although we didn't finish the game. I read a lot in my pretty new Mage book. We're getting together a cabal for the new Mage LARP. It's going to be hella fun.

I felt so wonderful after the weekend away. Monday at work was so much more manageable. Then I got to hear my Cheruby play at Cluricaune that evening before coming down with melfing and the runs. Thanks to Cenobyte for that. And this.


Find your Celestial Choir

Got a half day work in yesterday before getting too exhausted to go on. Then Cheruby got the Manchurian Melfing Sickness. And then I almost started again, but maybe it was just sympathy. So today, I'm really hungry and scared to eat. Rightfully so, everything zoooms through very quickly - too quickly. More than you wanted to know, but I'm in a sharing mood.

Taking it easy today. Decided that work can wait until the weekend when I can think in full sentences. Maybe finish some of my outstanding work and get organized a little. Maybe not.

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cenobyte said...

yeah, um, sorry to you and to Drang for that. I didn't realise how incredibly powerful I am. Only how mind-bogglingly intelligent and frighfully cute I am.

Onward and upward, though!

I still can't eat much without tummywobbles, but it's getting better.

Suz said...

Heh. You are powerful, but that's different.

I just like your particular spirit for naming things. So thanks for naming such hideous sicknesses, not for passing them along which you didn't do to me. I can't speak for what you and Drang have been up to or my Cheruby. Your power may have infected them.

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