Drag Show

So I went to my first ever drag show last night and it was awesome. I was giddy when I picked her up just because I was actually feeling pretty good. I cleaned up my backyard yesterday. It looks like I got robbed, actually. So barren. Right, drag show.

My brain was in a particularly peculiar state to which got me to thinking about a lot of strange things while sitting there in the oontz-oontz music which was too loud to try to have a normal conversation waiting for the show to begin. Old friends and their exes in compromising situations because I thought the ex might be there in the diverse crowd and what had ever happened to her anyway? Also looking at the diversity of the folks out for such an event was fun. The guy in the green stripping shirt that kept making Rilla think she was in a movie by spontaneously breaking out into dance behind her. And this guy really moves when he dances. And then there was the flirty girl in the red shirt. Obviously, her friend who got stuck purse watching several times in the evening has a huge crush on her. Poor guy, but she's not right for him anyway. A couple started dancing on a table and he lifted her up to girate on his hips. That stuff only happens in the movies, right? The diversity in the crowd really did astonish me because I obvious don't get out much. It was at Louis' so I expected a more university crowd, but it wasn't, it was the Diva's crowd which makes more sense to me. So diverse.

Now, the show was great. I laughed my ass off because some were so funny and others were so good. There did a fantastic rendition of the dance number from Thriller. There were some "brothers" who did a montage of songs which included Mahna, Mahna which made me think of Kazanj which made me imagine him up on stage doing the number which just about killed me with laughter. Of course, they ended their musical number with a song about choking your chicken which was very, very funny. The final performance was of Vogue. I realized that the gaggle of girls that had been watching behind us weren't singing along with that song and I felt a little old, but only old enough to be able to appreciate more jokes and old enough to think they have so much to learn and experience yet. I was impressed by how good the drag queens looked. I mean, it takes the same discipline (or natural metabolism) to be skinny whether you're a boy or a girl, but dang! There was a sensational version of some Justin Timberlake song that I don't quite know, but the guy was really, really good. I think someone around me called it "Sexy Back" but I'm not sure. It was very, very good. I don't even remember all the performances last night which is really too bad because they were all so good.

Proceeds went to the USSU LGBTA Centre Bursary Fund.

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