Basement Light

I didn't remember turning on the basement light. So when I got home tonight, and it was on, I was surprised. Then I found a note from my mom on the counter. My mom was in the basement as a pleasant surprise. She has an appointment tomorrow.

I didn't remember turning the VCR off. So the timer didn't go tonight. I missed Gilmore Girls. The synopsis of an episode never holds the same value. [pout] Maybe I'll get lucky with some reruns.

I'm still glad to see my mom.

Today is the 6-month anniversary of my first date with Cheruby. I'm very happy. Can you feel the happy? You should be able to because it's very powerfully happy. Much more powerful than cenobyte's Manchurian Melfing Sickness.

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rach said...

I can totally feel the happy!!!
(oh, wait, I don't feel stuff like that, but I totally know that you are happy... does that count?) Congratulations!

Cori Quite Contrary said...

I missed the first 20 minutes of Gilmore Girls, too, but in summation:

Christopher is awesome and better than Luke in every way, because even when he freaks out he gets over it and sees reason.

Nope, not at all biassed here.

Suz said...

[gasp!] I'm not sure I can agree with that. And by "sees reason" you mean, admits that Lorelai is right all the time even when she's crazy? I love the crazy. Luke is crazy, Lorelai is crazy and they're meant for each other.

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