Procrastination is My Friend

I took today off work so I could prepare for my family's visit this weekend. I had all last night to start the process too.

So, Purrrsia's finally level 44 in City of Heroes. I've also created a new hero in anticipation of Issue 8. YAY! Free costume modifications are good. My newest is on Champion - Dryad Huntress. Very exciting. I also noticed that Purrrsia has 24 free costume changes. Heh.

I was reading Neuba's blog and she was mentioning how she doesn't have a lot to say these days. I have to say I know how she feels. Even though I am working - it's the same work that I've been doing for quite a while now. And it has it's ups and downs, but whining about it on my blog isn't going to make anything better. And in fact, will likely make them worse because I'll be dwelling on them. The best I can do is just keep my focus and keeping doing my best - accept what I need to and keep being there for my team. It's rewarding and frustrating when I can't support them.

Now, I'm watching the old Battlestar Gallactic. It's very amusing - the costumes and special effects. It reminded me of an upcoming event on October 7 on Space that I'm really excited about which doesn't have anything to do with trailer trash. That's tomorrow. SQUEEEEE!!

I hope everyone has a very happy turkey day. I am very thankful for all my wonderful friends and family wherever in the world you may be. Here's to hoping that you are all healthy and happy and in good company.

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Auntie Cool said...

Know you'll be in good company but so am I. Big surprise last Sunday - Oscar and Skiddie arrived for a month long stay ... what could be better; dinner with my son and family this evening and then back to the furry friends who give so much and need so little. love you to the moon kiddo

Cori Quite Contrary said...


Just when I thought BSG couldn't get any better...

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