Am I Still Awake?

The last three days are a complete blur of work, planning a celebratory summer lunch, playing computer games, and preparations for the trip to San Francisco. There wasn't a lot of sleep, that's for sure. I got the lawn mowed too.

I'm in Calgary and I'm not sure I would have made it without my boyfriend's driving for 2 hours between Kindersley and Hanna. I got in a half hour nap and was good to go after doing a little dance in the Husky in Hanna. Had to get the blood flowing somehow...

Tomorrow, we get on a plane headed for San Francisco. Wahoo!

A co-worker asked me the other day out of the blue, "Are you excited?" I wasn't totally sure she was talking about my vacation, but then she said, "Only two more days..." At which I responded, "Excited? Hell, yes!" Nothing has changed since that moment.

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neuba said...

You should be excited. It is awesome here. So sad we are leaving.

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