Sunday Shopping

We went to a few farmer's markets today. The fresh produce and fruit was astounding. Every little new thing is still exciting to me. The parking on the bridge, the pluots, the champagne grapes, the olive oil selection, the outrageous prices, the vast array of novelty items, a bunny in a yarn shop, just everything!

There was a Fiesta Des Artes in Los Gatos that we wandered through a bit too. If I'd had an extra $500 kicking around, I would now be the proud owner of a hand-spun wool, hand-knitted cream coloured jacket with beautiful hand-done detail work included a delicate pattern in the wool and citrine stones sewn on. And I'd have had a picture of the sheep that gave its wool for that beautiful piece of clothing. Now *that's* cool.

Being really excited for an extended period of time, however, is quite exhausting.

Our hosts have been tremendous. I had a malt today for the first time. It was from the Happy Hound.

I helped start making a costume with old teddy bears too. It's going to be completely awesome when it's done. I was covered in teddy bear fuzz by the end of it.

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