Finally Home

From the time I got home, I have been busy with stuff and things.

I had my mom's paper supplier drop off paper at my house about a 1/2 hour after pulling into the drive way. He knew more about my mom's plans to come into Saskatoon this weekend than I did! But that really started me wondering what my mom had planned...

A friend called me to make sure I made it home safely. And we chatted for a bit about my trip and seeing each other on Saturday before she let me go so I could call my mom to see what was up. I was so scatter-brained that it took me about an hour to call her after my first inclination to do so. Laundry, unpacking, trying to get organized and everything else took some time.

One of her 8 brothers was going to be in Saskatoon with his wife this weekend for a wedding so they were having lunch on Sunday. This actually worked out pretty well seeing as she needed to pick up the 5 boxes of paper now crowding my front hallway and she could use this trip to bring my baby-cat back to me. And I got to hug my mom which is always a good thing.

Saturday's massage was nasty and wonderful all at once. My hips and lower back were so bad that I had an upset tummy all day Saturday and most of today because of the work my massage therapist did. Of course, it's all good because it needed to get worked out, but dang... I managed about a half hour soak in some epsom salts before calling my friend to come over for a bit. I showed her my San Francisco loot and we swapped some stories about the pictures my boyfriend and I had taken. Then we got in most of a game of Kaiser with my roommate and her roommate which we haven't done in quite a while.

Then it was off to pick up my boyfriend to play Earthdawn with our other friends who were in San Francisco just before us. It was a good afternoon. Our host showed us his LEGO TIE fighter which came with a Darth Vader lego guy that has a light sabre that actually lights up when you push on the top of his head. Heh. And to think he was disappointed when he couldn't get the mini star destroyers he wanted for a fleet. You can get them online... Speaking of which, I seem to have found their wishlist option and added a few items.

Sunday started with being woken by phone calls from my parents. My dad told me to phone my uncle and figure out the plan for lunch. My mom didn't even recognize my voice and told me more details for lunch as I hadn't called my uncle yet which included inviting everyone to my house because she was running late and wouldn't make it by check out time. So I spent the next two hours cleaning my house which was really all I needed. Didn't have a chance to vacuum, but I'd be forgiven that one thing, I'm sure. Besides, no one but my mom got to see my clean house. Not that I mind, the cleaning needed to get done anyway.

Lunch with 2 of my uncles and 1 aunt and my mom was great. We went to Station Place which was very nice. Actually has train cars as part of the restaurant. After a few hours there, my aunt and uncle had to head back to Edmonton and my other uncle back to Humboldt area. Mom and I headed out to Wilson's greenhouse as they are having an end of the summer sale. And I finally got my bougainvillea!! I've been wanting one since I moved in last September, but haven't been able to get/find one. I hadn't been looking very hard after my several trips to farmer's market where I found the first one I wanted which was before I got possession of the house. I gave up and got a food processor instead all the while still pining over a bougainvillea. I love it and now I have one. I took a picture too just to show everyone my new beautiful plant.

I had a glorious nap after mom headed home and then my boyfriend came over and we played with my new LEGO and watched Star Wars: A New Hope on CBC. All in all, a fantastic end to a fantastic vacation.

I think I've got a cold.

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Amy said...

Guess whose shoes have arrived...
(cue the angelic choir)

Suz said...


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