Five Weird Things

Thanks to her for this one.

1. While it wasn't mentioned by any friends on her blog, the weirdest thing that I do or have done is pretend to be a vampire, werewolf, elf, fallen angel, orc, or other mythical persons. It's weird, but not mentioned because a lot of my friends do this too.

2. I am a person completely driven by emotions and feelings. It has taken me a lot of years to learn to try to apply logic before my gut feeling. And even longer to learn that my intuition is a powerful thing.

3. When I was younger, I used to proclaim loudly that I didn't like opinionated people.

4. I go by my middle name because my parents couldn't decide on how to pronounce my first name which my parents thougt was Queen Victoria's first name when it is really just Latin for queen.

5. I'm wearing fuzzy pink pants with reindeer on them right now. And I will always try to wear some piece of clothing that makes me smile even if others can't see it. Hence my obsession with accessories like scarves, socks, and hats.

While I feel these are five weird things about me, most people already know them. I can't imagine trying to list all the little things that are weird about me.

I was seeing a friend a few years ago quite frequently and at some point each time, he would have to remark that I was so weird. One evening, we didn't make it a block from my house before he had to say it. There's probably something to that. And since I don't feel that being weird is a bad thing, I happily embrace the term. If you do have a negative connotation with being weird, substitute a term that means trusting, confident, honest, sharing thoughts on any subject without segues, and seeing yourself in your own eyes instead of everyone else's.

That it what I aspire to be and that combination of traits seems to be what gets me the title of weird. When I was in high school, I got out of my desk and sat on the floor. I was tired of sitting in my desk and when asked about it, I said because I wanted to sit on the floor. Good for me. The teacher didn't say a word. It's hard to believe now that I had friends at all in high school when I did things like that. I felt a little nervous about it, but I really wanted to sit on the floor. It was weird.

And I can't imagine anyone (with one exception) commenting on this post. In fact, I'm getting a really good giggle about what people's real opinions on my weirdness might be.

And I forgot this one noteworthy weird thing:
6. I laugh just as easily as I cry and have laughed at the colour purple - not the movie. And strawberry. And ride the pie-nanni. And so many other things, it hurts to think about all of them. Quack baby.

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the_yecart said...

Love the duck! And as someone who loves someone who plays Vampire too, (he's a Giovanni right now) that is kinda weird, but still cool. :-)

Suz said...

I'm glad you love the duck. Some people say it's too yellow and bright. I say that's nonsense.

Jenn & Owen said...

Wasn't I the one who told you that Regina is Latin for Queen that dark cold night in the Unicorn?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and delightfully unique ... that's my girl!

Auntie Cool

Suz said...

The Regina thing - I've known my entire life that it meant queen and believed my mom when she said it was Victoria's first name. Why wouldn't I believe my mom? Although I did have my doubts. Someone, who could have been Owen, confirmed my doubts rather than my mom's assertion. I feel like I'm betraying my mom by telling this story. She's so smart and wonderful and beautiful and to say anything that would imply otherwise makes me feel bad.

And thanks for the comment, Auntie Cool. You're pretty awesome yourself.

rach said...

Hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with you sitting on the floor if you want!!! If more people did what they felt was right, instead of what others tell them is right, the world might be a better place. (On the same thought, if some people did less of what they felt like doing and more of what they should be doing...!) I love you for being exactly who you are.

Anonymous said...

quack baby.

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