Action Packed Evening

It's a shame I don't have evenings like this one more often. I shoveled snow for about 45 minutes after getting home from work. Then I had a small bite to eat before I was off to Kung Fu with this awesome chick. Then was off to clean, clean, and clean some more which, believe it or not, was just as entertaining as other things I've filled my time with these days. It isn't everyday I get to snoop through other people's stuff with their permission. The home to shovel for another 30 minutes.

And now I'm on the couch with my purring kitten. (Yes, my KITTEN!! You heard me! HA!) Soon, I will be tucked away in my bed with a good book.

Maybe I'll go bowling this week too. I'm a wild woman - don't get in my way! I'm sure those of you who know me can hear me giggling maniacly as I say that. It's definitely bed time.

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neuba said...

KITTEN!!! What the heck? When can I come over? I love kittens.

As Amy would say, Squeeee......

Suz said...

Sorry to disappoint, but there no actual small cat - just my baby who happens to be turning 10 years old in about a month's time.

I had to really resist the temptation last Friday to get a new kitten though. [sigh]

rach said...

Graham is my kitten... he even purrs now... and rubs his head on my arm... Have fun bowling!!!

cenobyte said...


Bordering on "Crotchety Old Fart".

Ready to be admired as a "Grand Old Pea".

(and the 'fill out the letters to prove you're not a spambot' on your comments page today phonetically spell out : "yes, you puke")

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