I Made Someone Angry Today

I was talking to someone a lot today and then at 3:30, I was trying to talk to him again and he just said goodbye and hung up on me. Then wouldn't pick up his phone and logged off his computer and turned his cell phone off. Seriously, I have no idea what I said or did so I have no idea what to apologize for. I respect this guy immensely and we've always been able to disagree and get passed it so I have no idea what was up today.

To be honest, I started the day with a phone call that may have made me a bit more aggressive today, but I was just more stubborn than usual and didn't let anyone else talk. Maybe that's it - maybe I just kept cutting him off without meaning to. Maybe it was the funny song I sent him - maybe he took it personally. He knew I sent it to someone else that it really wouldn't apply to. I don't know, but hopefully, he'll tell me tomorrow if it was me or him.

In other news, my tongue has a hole in it.

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cenobyte said...


I demand more current reporting. Your tongue has had a hole in it for years. Unless, perhaps, your tongue has ANOTHER hole in it - that WOULD be news!

I think someone you were talking to probably just had a rather drastic change in cabin pressure, and was reacting to the sudden insurgence of United States Guvviment Officials demanding to see his Google records. Seriously. It's out there, man. I'm not paranoid; it's TRUE.

It's okay if you "Mad Someone Angry Today". I mad people angry all the time, and usually things work out in the end.

rach said...

I agree with cenobyte. I make people angry every day, and I'm still around... but I do realize it bothers you when people are mad at you. Hopefully he just had to go somewhere where he wasn't allowed to have contact with the outside world, like a spaceship or something.

Suz said...

Thanks, cenobyte. I guess I was focussing on the angry/mad thing. It's fixed now.

I'm not obsessing as much as I used to, but I really count this person as a good friend so it makes it more difficult.

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