New Car

A friend of mine got a new car and we were supposed to hang out tonight, but she forgot she had other plans. But she wanted to come over and show me her car. She thought it was selfish but that's just plain silly. I wanted to see her new car too, especially if she was so excited about it.

It's AWESOME!! The whole story of how she got the car is awesome. Basically the guy who sold it to her even though he got a higher offer because he knew his car was going to a good home. So wonderful. Did I mention it's a really fabulous car? Wow!

I stepped on my babycat's paw today. I was in my boots and he got underfoot. He's been limping a bit and I feel really bad. I gave him some ice cream. I think he's forgiven me.

How are you breathing?

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cenobyte said...


carla said...

new cars are cool. :)

Suz said...

Mmmmm... heavy breathing. My favourite.

rach said...

Easily... there is so little stress in my life right now I could just about think it's not really my life!

rilla said...

I've been practicing my breathing in all of my classes and meetings at school. It's funny. As soon as I get bored I think, "breathe from your belly" and that keeps me entertained throughout the discussions that ensue.

cenobyte said...

oh MAN. You should try breathing from your toes. But not with your shoes on.

uh. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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