Saskatchewan Facing Imminent Loss of Another Resident to Alberta

SASKATOON - One Saskatoon man has been conspicuously missing from usual activities in the community. After some investigation, it was found that he had not been to his place of residence in over two weeks. Witnesses say that they saw him boarding a plane in the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport bound for Calgary, Alberta. All sources agree that the luggage he carried included a business suit which is indicative that this man is attempting to attain employment in the lucrative hot bed of career opportunities that exists in Calgary. Other Saskatoon residents who know this man are saddened by the city's impending loss, but encouraged at the hope his success brings to us all.

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neuba said...

So awesome, I had to read it 3 times.

carla said...

I wish he had headed to Edmonton instead . . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, he'll be back. He'll get dumped or fired or charged with something, or he'll develop a chest cold and have to go in to hock to be able to afford the five minute visit to the doctor's office that ends up taking an hour and a half, only to be told that there's nothing you can do for under five grand, unless you want to go see the faith healer up the street who only charges sixteen fifty.

Eventually, they all come home. Sure, it might be when they retire, or for that pre-paid plot in the Smuts cemetary, but there are some of us trying to raise the population simply by good old-fashioned nooky.


But I can't name names.

Anonymous said...


I have it on good authority that this gentleman is in fact seeking employment in edmonton on top of his busy schedule in Calgary.

Suz said...

No sources have confirmed a final destination has been decided upon. I will be keeping a close eye on this breaking story.

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