Happy 2006 New Year!!

Spent the day mostly sleeping and really needed it. I actually felt awake for the first time in days when I went out this evening although it was quite the effort to leave the comfort of my bed.

The evening was spent in great company. After an hour in the hot tub chatting with my host, I went to pick up my boyfriend as he can't last that long in the cat infested house with his allergies. Lots of fun and games and good-natured ribbing later, midnight came. Lots of kissing as the clock struck 12.

The only two unattached folks were two of our male friends which was amusing. It's really becoming more and more obvious that we are getting older when these situations occur. Every year, there are more couples or the same ones and more kids or couples from previous years not in attendance because of new kids. Life keeps moving and yet I don't feel old, just more experienced and more rational. Heh. I can't believe I just wrote that - me, more rational... HA!!

I had so much caffeine tonight that after I dropped off my boyfriend, I shovelled the walk and then phoned the Californians to wish them a happy new year as it was almost midnight there. I forgot they are two hours different now. They just left and I miss them already. Been thinking about them this week as they were around all last week and it was so great to see them.

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rach said...

Hey, you can't feel that old, because you actually made it to midnight! We didn't, and there was no kissy kissy, no nuthin'. The last New Year's party for me was before Alan, I think!

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