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The past week has been quite busy. In that exhaustion-inducing way trying to do everything can be. I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the week or at least Thursday to recuperate from all the busy.

In trying to do everything I wanted, I seemed to get quite a bit accomplished at work last week even though I was in a different branch. I went swimming with the kids in my new fancy bathing suit. And had supper with two good friends in Calgary and their little girl who is very cute. Spent some time with a friend of mine from high school. And helped someone buy a new office chair. Heh. Because maybe we threw out his old one.

The drive home in the rain was fun. I was so happy to see Cheruby when I got into Saskatoon. All my fears about just being with someone have been put aside. While there is no label for our relationship besides that we are seeing each other, it's still good. Although, he got his first taste of crazy today because I haven't eaten enough and was getting all anxious about my to do list this evening. I've had some Nerds since then, but nothing substantial. I'm still proud of having noted my craziness while still in it. My powers of communication are completely shot though. A simple conversation has been very difficult for me.

Hmmm... it seems that I have less friends than I thought in Saskatoon. Everytime I look at my list of frequently called numbers, I keep running into a peculiar problem - they're mostly long distance. When did that happen?

The weekend was spent in the fabulous company of Cheruby with some naps and X-Men 3 with friends and TV and games with Neuba thrown in. I eventually had to sleep yesterday, but it was great while it lasted.

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Saskboy said...

Sorry for cold-emailing you, but I'm just writing to let you know you're
invited to an outdoor get-together for Sask Bloggers on Saturday July 22nd in Regina.
If you would like more information, visit Saskboy or Stephen Glauser and let us know if you can attend.

SaskBlogs http://saskblogs.catprint.ca/


cenobyte said...

Okay, so is it pronounced "Chair-OO-bie", or is it pronounced "CHAIR-ubee"?

Suz said...

CHAIR-ubee cuz it rhymes. And have you seen his picture? He's sooo cute! Like a little cherub. Although I know that there is a conflicting beliefs for the cute baby-like cherub and the war machine cherubs. Go with the first one here.

Siochain said...

Yeah... um.... He's cute and all, but don't you find it a bit disturbing to be thinking of cherubs in that way? Like, "Hoo baby, goin' to get me some of that dimpled butt!" "Yowza!" "MMMMM! Hot cherub action!"
(P.S. I'm sorry... I'm at work and my stupid bleeping experiment didn't work... Therefore I must mock the happy in order to prevent curling up in the fetal position in a quiet corner of the lab and weeping gently)

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