Two Days Before Life Ends

Didn't I hear that somewhere? Life ends at 30? LOL I'm just poking all you REALLY old folks out there like cenobyte, tuo, R:tAG, etc. Oh, I suppose my mom fits in that category too, but she's so young at heart that I forget how old she is most of the time.

My to do list in the next few days isn't that long either - final food and drink arrangements, vacuuming, picking up the last of the borrowed items, string up patio lanterns and get a massage. Sweet!

And I have a date tonight. Too bad he won't be in Saskatoon for my birthday party. One of my friends has asked me several times when she gets to meet him so we're playing Shadows Over Camelot tonight. Great game so we should have a good time.

I'm going to try to get my running around done today so I'll be home all day tomorrow to do whatever I please. Maybe even play some City of Heroes.

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cenobyte said...

It's not the first time you hit 30 that hurts. It's the fifth or sixth time you smash your head against that particular brick wall that starts to get annoying.

So I've decided to stay in my 'late earlies' for the rest of my life.

Amy said...

Cenobyte is right. I've turned thirty, what, seven times now. It just keeps getting more painful. :)

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