Last night was another fabulous date. Oh my goodness, my belly is still full of happy little butterflies. [sigh]

We went to a ceili, an Irish dance. He was playing for parts of it and came to dance with me for parts of it. I learned three Irish dances last night and had a blast. I got to laugh at myself and have fun as a bunch of us were learning the new dance. There were some people who knew what they were doing which was very helpful for me to see how it's supposed to be done. I picked everything else up fairly quickly. I liked the Haymaker because I got to stomp my feet. Heh.

The kids running around on the dance floor for the first part of the evening were great. There was one kid who would lay "sleeping" under the tables by the stage and the other kids would come partway to the front until the "wolf woke up" and then they'd scream and run to the back of the hall. They played that one for a while. And they played Duck Duck Goose and they played some form of tag that I remember playing, but don't remember the name of. It's the one where if you get tagged by the It person, you have to stand there with your arms out until someone runs under one of them so that you're free. It wasn't as good as dodgeball, but then again, what is? [grin] They offered me great entertainment along with the really wonderful music.

I feel so young with this whole dating thing. It's fun and it's odd to think that I'm going to be 30 next weekend and still dating. The two ideas aren't congruent to me, but I suppose that's just a product of having my parents married since forever and my brother having his first kid at the same age my mom was when he was born. Apparently, 23 is the ideal age for your first child, or so my mom's doctor told her when she was pregnant with my brother. I'm a little behind the times. Of course, the doctor could have just been settling my mom's fears. Either way, it's what I believe and it makes me feel young.

The best thing about dating this guy (I've let myself start calling him Sweetie), is that I'm not afraid of getting hurt. The knowledge is there that it's a possibility as with any risk, but I've been wonderfully naive to it this time around. It could end at any moment and I'd be hurt, but I'm savouring ever wonderful moment of starting this relationship.

My coworkers actually used the word sickening in regard to my skipping and beaming around the office. Don't care - they can suck it up.

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cenobyte said...

You ARE young.
What, this makes you feel twelve again?


(And I'm very happy for you and your haymakers)

rilla said...

That's freeze-tag if I remember correctly. Sounds like lots and lots of fun.


rach said...

And in response to that whole "the right age" thing, I think the right age for anyone is when it happens... Not a moment sooner!

Drang said...

I am so excited for you. You are still young! My fathers mom had him when she was 45 and then a second 4 years later. Lots and lots of time.
See you at you birthday party.

Suz said...

Okay, that didn't come out right. I know I'm young, but I feel much younger because although I'd never applied this rule to my friends, I have applied this rule to my own life: "Dating is for your early 20s. I should be married by 25." So I feel much younger than I am and I am truly still young, but not that young.

My question now is, if I get married, will I instantly age? [grin]

cenobyte said...


But in a good way. You'll get all these extra laugh lines, and these little wrinkles where his/her hand fits perfectly in yours. You'll gain a familiar ache when s/he is away for days at a time.

Oh, and your joints will go to pot. They don't tell you that in pre-marriage counselling.

rach said...

I agree, you will instantly age, and you'll stop staying up late, and the best thing to do on a Friday night will be sit on teh couch with your feet in his lap...

Auntie Cool said...

I really wanted to make a comment; but instead I'll tell you that I love you.

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