Still Grinning

Okay, so I was skipping around the office this morning. I'm having a hard time finding words to describe how I'm feeling because I haven't tried to analyze it to death. I've just been enjoying it. Submersing myself in the excitement and not worrying about ifs and whens. No doubts, just looking forward to the future whatever may come.

Having said all that, I'd like to thank all you folks out there that taught me strategy. All those games I played and lost - apparently, I'm not good enough to beat any of you, but I'm good enough to have beginner's luck at some new games that require some strategy.

Tonight, the young man and I played Acquire which, as he puts it, is a game they made back when they tried to teach business strategy through board games. Hotel chains, mergers, and stocks are all part of this game. And guess what? I won. Heh. It's so silly. I could feel the competition monster rising in my chest, but there was so much random luck involved rather than just my skill, I couldn't really be upset about anything.

I'm enjoying myself so thoroughly that it doesn't matter about anything else.

I was quite excited that I was invited to make up a goblin tonight. It was like being asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend, but not quite. I'm not even sure what to call him yet except the guy that I'm dating. That's all it is, but I don't like things not being more ... stable. But that's the silly in me coming out. Not wanting to wait to see how things turn out and yet wanting to take things slow so that I can savour every moment. [sigh]

My coworker giggled at me today when I skipped back to my desk. I hadn't really noticed that I'd done it.

In other news, some significant items have left my house and gone to my ex-roommate's new place. YAY! There is an upset poor kitty in my sewing room because her momma is also moving and needs a safe place for her baby so the building manager doesn't see her. My mom is coming to visit this week. YAY! And my birthday party is in less than two weeks. HUZZAH!!

Oh and I had to tell my chiropractor that I'm kind of dating someone so maybe I shouldn't meet the guy he wanted to set me up with. He said that the news lead into what he needed to tell me - the guy is also seeing someone! Unfortunately, he won't be able to make it to my birthday party as he has a very important AGM to attend that day. Poopy. I'll live.

And I've had lots of invites as short-notice as they are, from an old friend. They have been very welcome invites out to things so I hope that one of these times, I can make it.

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Bne said...

Just don't play lunch money with him...unless you can fight the dark cheatery urges you get when you play that game.

Is "cheatery" a word? It is now.

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