Patio Lanterns

Thanks very much to Drang and his tallness, I now have patio lanterns in my back yard! YAY! They're awesome and I can't wait to test them out tonight.

Cheruby, as he will thusly be known, is leaving on a jet plane to Vancouver tonight. A trip planned much in advance, but he did give me a birthday present yesterday. Cosmic Cows. Sounds right up my alley, eh? It's a cross between Yahtzee and beaming cows up to your alien space ship. What's not fun about that? Heh. I'm really going to miss him.

The little one has learned how to open the screen door by herself when she wants to come outside to see me. Today this resulted in my opening the screen door as her paws were in it. She was practicing her technique. The she ran under Drang's car as he was preparing to leave.

When I sent out my birthday invites, I know that I asked for RSVPs. Only about a quarter of those people actually RSVP'd. And if all the people that didn't RSVP that I expect to show up anyway actually don't show up, I'm going to have a lot of leftover food and drinks. Pirates don't keep that well.

I had a really funny thought the other day after my dad told me that he didn't think he was going to make it to my party. I completely understand that he can't hear that well anymore and it's even worse where there are a lot of people talking. So I thought, "What could I do to make it better for him?" I came up with the perfect solution! Invite Cenobyte's dad! They could sit together and say, "What was that again?" or "Can you repeat that? I didn't quite catch it." Heh. Of course, I didn't buy any Pil for Cenobyte's dad so chances of him showing are slim, but still, the mental image of those two in the corner hoping that everyone they were talking to would just yell so they could make out the words. I have no idea whether Cenobyte's dad is hard of hearing, but it's funnier if he is. Then I imagined them not getting along and having two old guys in two different corners of the yard. Or getting into a fistfight which is just as amusing to me.

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Amy said...

Oh, um, sorry for not RSVPing sooner. We just can't make it. But thanks for the lovely invitation!

Auntie Cool said...

Well my dear Suz, by now you know that it's not the end. Do you realize that today is the first day of the rest of your life? It is, so make it good. Always wishing you the best there is to be and to have.

cenobyte said...

He's not hard of hearing, but it does take things a little while absorb. So it amounts to the same thing, because he asks the same question about thirty times, but he doesn't get louder or slower usually, so it would have been something like :
"Did you know my daughter has a thing in her tongue?"
"How's that?"
"I say, did you know my daughter has a thing in her tongue?"
"You don't say. A thing?"
"Yep. A thing."
"What, like a metal thing?"
"I say a metal thing?"
"Yeah, yeah. Goddamned metal thing."
"What the hell for?"
"Beats the hell out of me. My daughter has one of those too."
"Come again?"
"I say my daughter has one too."
"Oh does she?"
"She does."
"Did she tell you what the hell they're for?"
"No. I didn't ask."
"What's that?"
"I say I didn't ask. Don't want to know."
"I wonder what the hell it's for."
"What what's for?"
"I say I wonder what the hell it's for."
"The thing. I wonder what it's for."
"Oh that. Damned if I know."
"You know, a person should call in to that CBC 'good question' they have in the morning."
"Come again?"
"I say, did you ever listen to that CBC in the mornings?"
"Oh, yeah. CBC. Sure."
"Well they have that thing where you call in and ask a question. A person should call that and ask them what the hell that metal thing is for in their tongues."
"Yeah, a guy should do that."


rach said...

That was a totally fantastic conversation, and although I don't know cenobyte (or Cenobyte's dad)I do know Suzi's dad... That is great!

Drang said...

I'm kinda concerned that I'm not too far away from that conversation myself. I can envision, actually, Cenobyte and I having nearly the same talk.


cenobyte said...

I'd like to think *our* conversation would have more to do with rhetoric than existentialism.

How's that again?

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