Two Beers and a Glass of Wine

Being surrounded by the friends I've made over the years was so amazing yesterday. Not everyone could make it, but they were with me in spirit. Especially my dad, Cenobyte and family, Cheruby, and my brother and family.

I learned so many great things are going on my friends' lives that I didn't know about yet. An engagement, a bid on a first house, a job interview, new opportunities, a possible reunitement, etc. So many good things happening for so many people. Oh, and an invitation to a D&D game. Sweet!

Forty people came out to help me celebrate and five people had well wishes via other mediums including a lovely phone call with my grandma in the morning and my dad calling from the road singing happy birthday to me.

And once again, I was surprised at people getting me presents. You'd think that I'd learn this one. The celebration of my birthday was supposed to be the present to me. That doesn't mean that the stuff i got wasn't incredibly neat and cool and delightful and appreciated. I got gardening stuff for my new favourite hobby, a hammock, an acre of rain forest, frog magnets, Lego knights, magnetic poetry, Logan's Run, thanks for inspiring a friend, money, a silk scarf, a glass bead necklace, balloon animal menagerie, Satsuma essential oil set, chocolate covered almonds, etcetera. And what meant the most was the well wishes from everyone. I cried several times throughout the day for good reasons and none for bad reasons.

And last but not least, showing my age by showing you how much I love this particular piece I found on Nueba's blog.

And lastly, I didn't have a chance to tell everyone why I wanted to celebrate my birthday with so many people. I wouldn't be the person I am today without the influence of all my family and friends and their experience and support and constancy. Thank you everyone for everything you've been through with me in the past 30 years. You mean the world to me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome day, Miss Suz... It was so great to see you and catch up with everyone. Oh, and also, despite what you-know-who may say, I totally dominated "The Cow Game" on the drive home. Love you so much, and see you soon.

cenobyte said...


K. Donovan said...

Erin is a shameless liar who slept through so much of the drive home that our combined Cow Game total failed to approach her sibling's.

Of course, I bear some responsibility for this humiliation myself, having zonked myself into unconsciousness with allergy meds.

EZ Mac said...

k. donovan is so full of the bejeezy shibizlnit... I dominated. Plain and simple. I am the Ultimate Cow Game Champion. El Champione Spectacular...
I won. He's just jealous. They all are.
Mwahahaha. Ha. Ha.

Christopher said...

You throw one fantastic party Super Suz. Your elaborate preparations paid off.


K. Donovan said...


Certain mathematical realities having been recently brought to my attention, I feel I must rescind my earlier "shameless liar" comment. Erin is, in fact, Cow Spottress Extraordinaire.

My apologies for any confusion I may have sown.

Mike said...

So sorry that we could not be there with you. Our thoughts and love go out to you and all who were there with you (in body or spirit). Wishing you all the best. So damn sappy...

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