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So I told my staff today the bad news that we permanently lost two positions from the team. Apparently, that was a relief to them compared to what they were thinking for the past two days. Unbeknownst to me there have been some executives statements floating around about shuffling management in the coming months. The team thought someone was leaving - I was leaving. One of my staff was even praying that I wasn't leaving the team. On one hand, I felt bad for worrying them so. On the other hand, the fact that my leaving the team was the worst thing they could come up with was very flattering. I may have actually felt my head swell.

And in bigger news...


See full listing here. His is one of the top 10% (actually probably closer to 8 or 9 percent, but let's not get picky) of screenplays entered. I'm a little worried about the two screenplays by the same guy. I'd hate for him to take up two precious slots in the next round of judging for finalists. Nineteen of the screenplays on that list will be cut this time around. Please send him a note to tell him how awesome this is and wish him luck with the next round.

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