Relieving Stress Through Tears

Although I hate it when I cry at work, it seemed to happen quite a bit today.

First thing that happened was my hearing at the appeal board. I was in the room for 8 minutes in front of 5 board members and the inspector that wrote me up. I didn't say a quarter of the things I meant to like about talking to my neighbour and him not believing me and the contractor losing my original request for a quote. Lots of monosyllabic words from me, unfortunately. Luckily, the inspector was forced to agree that the contractor situation in the city is very backed up and October 31 seemed realistic. Regardless of my lack of communicative abilities in the hearing, the evidence speaks for itself.

The next part of the ongoing eavestroughing saga is the 7 to 10 day wait until I get the board's decision because they aren't allowed to tell me in person. And after that, I will have until October 31 to get eavestroughing on the house and until I that time, I will be a little bit stressy about it. Very low grade stress, but there will be stress.

The other craptacular thing that happened today was work related. Nothing I can do about it and nothing to be done about it. I just have to suck it up and present a good face and move on. I'm still going to be really pissed off about it for a very long time though. I was very upset and my boss let me go early. That's how craptacular it was.

I now have some baking to do for the United Way BBQ tomorrow.

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