Highlights of the Past 3 Weeks

Some of the wonderful things that may or may not be mentioned in yesterday's ginormous post are:

  1. As we were waiting for the boys and the trailer for camping last week, we were driving around the back roads. We saw a mother deer and her fawn. The fawn was already quite big, but still had its spots. It also didn't have the sense to jump straight into the forest so it ran down the road in front of us. It then stopped and regarded us in the car for a while. I didn't get out my camera in time, but it was magical just the same. The fawn decided again that we were danger and leapt and bounded down the road again and into the forest. It was awesome.
  2. Cheruby's screenplay getting into the quarter finals of one of the contests he's entered. I am so very proud of him. I really think his screenplay is very good and he is very talented. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if his screenplay won the whole competition.
  3. My niece and nephew are fine young people that I like very much. My nephew is very brave and is trying very much to be like his dad. My niece is wild and has a lot of energy that is amazing to watch and be with.
  4. G&D told Cheruby that they're gong to have a baby! She's already four months along. If I'm ever going to learn to knit, now's the time!
  5. Someone very close to Cheruby got engaged! I am so thrilled for the happy couple.
  6. My wonderful dad made me DVD copies of the first season of Hex. I'm very excited to watch it and very happy that my dad made it for me.
  7. Last night the dumb bunny flew down the stairs when she thought she was in trouble for being on the counter (and she was.) She was over half way down the stairs and still 2 feet above them. I just about peed myself laughing.
There were other noteworthy moments, but I'm not remembering them right now. I'll note them later if I remember.

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