I didn't actually spend any money yet, but I just agreed to have someone come in and replace my water heater and furnace, install an air conditioner, and convert my wood fireplace to a gas fireplace. And that's on top of the money I've already said I'd spend on getting eavetroughs. I have to tell my neighbour about all this work, just to be neighbourly.

I didn't work on Wednesday. It was one of those days where I just couldn't do the job. I tried for about 45 minutes, then I called my boss and asked if I could take a vacation day that day and started to cry while doing it. There is nothing to worry about - just a day to not have to be responsible for anything. I laid in bed for 6 hours and read a book. I would call it a stress day, but I think it was more of a de-stress day as my stresses have been significantly relieved lately. And I got to have supper with my mom.

And while Cheruby did not make the top 10 in his contest and we're understandably disappointed, it is still kind a fabulous feat to be in the top 10% of all the entries. I will be taking him out to celebrate this new feather in his cap this week.

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