Lando's Birthday

Tonight, we had supper at Amigos in honour of Lando*'s 30th birthday. And like a lot of other people I know, the 30th year of her life was pretty frakin' great. Part of that great year was getting engaged to this guy who is the brother of this girl who is one of Babyface's wife's best friends. (I really liked writing that.) Anyway, part of the family tradition of the brother and the girl above is to make a cake and decorate it with a picture in icing. This seems that it would take a lot of talent. It was the picture of a prairie dog with "DUN! DUN! DUN!" written on it. I didn't get it.

And now I do.

*Cheruby's ex was given this nickname by Cheruby's sister. There's no story behind it. She just started calling her Lando one day.

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