Vacation Has Started

And I have no idea what to do. I didn't make any plans. It's a vacation from doing anything. How could I have done this? I DON'T HAVE ANY PLANS! And as a result, I had a nap because I was bored. Then the phone rang and woke me up so now I'm awake and not doing anything because I was so psyched to not have to do anything.

So, 8 hours into my vacation, I've decided I need to plan some stuff so that I know what I want to do instead of just sitting here with a blank, stress-free mind.

So in the next week, I'm going to attempt to do the following:

  • organize my craft area in the basement
  • hang pictures of mine and Cheruby's loved ones on the walls
  • fix the back gate and fence
  • clean up the debris in the front and side yards
  • pull some large weeds and bag them so they don't spread their seeds
  • collect other flower pod seeds for next year
  • make some repairs around the house to make it more energy efficient
  • paint touchups
  • organize the back entryway
  • put up the garden hose holder
  • organize the garage
  • play video games
  • embroider a picture
  • start Christmas crafts
  • think of a Hallowe'en costume
  • go shopping for a broom, shelving brackets, ladders, gutter cleaning hose contraption, saw horses, fabric, and whatever else I want
  • schedule a pedicure
  • get shelving for the basement and hopefully get one
  • finish the edge of my desk and re-affix the leg
  • Verathane my pine shelves and get them up on the walls
  • watch movies
  • read
If anyone has any other ideas about what I could do this week, let me know because I'm not actually going to work this hard. [grin]

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neuba said...

Wow Suz, that really doesn't sound like a vacation anymore. Cool your heels, sit back and relax. Your deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Suzi ... that list is a great plan and I notice a number of items that accomplished will only mean less "home" stress when you head back to work. I find that things that require doing are more stressful than the actual doing. Split it up ... two jobs today, do relaxing things after that; who knows you may find some of your jobs relaxing. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself to the hilt! love you lots and enjoy the scrab!
auntie cool the plums are almost ready

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