Late Night Visitor

So I got to see a dear friend of mine tonight. It was really wonderful.

And then my cat finally came inside at 2:15 a.m. He'd been out for over 2 hours. He wasn't even that cold. He's such a funny kitten.

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cenobyte said...


He's an octegenarian, dear. It probably took him that long to get from the fence to the step.

Suz said...

He's only 10! That's really only 40 or so which isn't that old. Just ask my parents!

rach said...

Yeah, and if our parents can still call us their "kids" and "babies" when we are 30, then Suzi can still call her cat a kitten!

cenobyte said...

Well, the only person who calls me a "kid" is my grandmother, and she's a few leaves short of a pot these days. I think it would be more like my Da still being called a 'kid', which is just wrong on so many levels.

No, I think once a cat reaches 8 years of age, it's officially "middle age", and 10 is "up the slope of old".

My cat is 10 or 11 also, and granted, nearly completely spherical, and while we very rarely call her a 'kitten', we do sometimes call her 'fuzzy fat little girl'.

A cat's first two years of life are more like 20 of ours, according to my vet, whose eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the size of my "grande dame", and then about about 5 years per 'human year' after that. Which would make a 10 year old cat more like 55 years old, which, I will admit, isn't nearly 'octegenarian', but it is definitely out of 'kitten' stage.

And I only say this out of love, you realise. Love and the realisation that your cat is much, much lighter than my cat, who can kill a man just by sitting on his chest.

Suz said...

You are still only as old as you think you are. This was proven by my 72 year old aunt who I went to visit this past weekend. Two friends that came with me were shocked to find out her age in years. And since I haven't yet had a real human child of my own and I care for every aspect of my cat's life, he is still my kitten in my heart.

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