Drinks and Good Times

My time in Edmonton has been swell so far. I've had a fabulous time visiting with friends including Detail Girl and Oilers Fan and Stephanie's Mom and Rilla and Neuba and Bne. Even though I kept insulting everyone, it seems that they still like me which is all good by me.

We played Skallywaggs last night. Bne won two turns after whining about how far behind he was and that everyone was picking on him. Bne and I did win at kaiser which was good, although tonight, Neuba and Rilla beat us by 82 points. It was a short game. The third game was 56 to 56 and then Bne and I made a fantastic bid for the win.

Work was great this week. I felt like accomplished something and stuck up for my team. It's one of the only times of year that I get to do that. The month between December 15 and January 15 is so busy with new accounts that I actually get to say no. It's awesome.

And tomorrow, I get to hopefully visit my aunt. Two fabulous friends are coming up from Calgary - Ms. Pants and Mister. Yippee!! Then there's a movie night tomorrow night at another friend's place so we'll likely go do that.

And we were invited to a co-workers costume party on Sunday even though we can't go because Rilla and I have to drive back to Saskatoon. By then, I'll be totally ready to go home to my angel and my kittenses. Thinking about them now is already making me want to be there and curl up with my sweetie.

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Bne said...

I WAS behind.

And you WERE all picking on me. I mean when the other three people at the table openly plan to screw you, that counts!

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