Welcome 2007

I'm looking very much forward to the coming year. I'm expecting great things.

It started with a wonderful kiss from my angel and lots of hugs from his friends. I was a little sad to not be with my friends. I told Ril that I'd kiss her if Cheruby was working, but he wasn't. I heard that she had two married fellows fighting for the honour of her New Year's kiss which made me happy. She also reminded me of how fortunate we are to have the wonderful circle of friends we do. We had a really good visit and shared lots of stories from the great evening and stories of our friends and the trials we went through in 2006.

So far today, I've run errands, visited with Ril and sat on my couch updating my blog links and look. Cheruby is off visiting his cousin, but I get to see him in a few hours when he plays in the Irish session at Cluricaune Pub in the Parktown.

I was also reminded of how amazing and fragile my sweet angel is. I've been lucky in my life to have such great role models and friends who care about me. All these people taught me to value myself as much as they do. To be cared about is a privilege and to be cared about by the people that care about me is a luxury. It has let me become the person that I am that I like.

Speaking of caring people, Annie is on and I haven't seen it in years. This deserves my full attention. My mom and brother hate the movie because I loved it so very much and watched it so very often. Carol Burnett is amazing.

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