Uncle Johnny's Cabin

No, really. I was at Uncle Johnny's cabin this weekend. Buddy and Mrs. Buddy were there along with Mrs. Uncle Johnny. Cheruby and I went up right after work on Friday and came home this afternoon. I think I was a little tired because I slept for 13 hours on Friday night and then 11 hours on Saturday night. We played some games and Buddy pushed all my buttons and made me all competitive and cranky like I hate being. Someday, I'll get used to his style and relax. It might be when I'm eighty, but someday... Heh.

Cheruby and I played a little Blue Moon. And we (Uncle Johnny, Cheruby, Buddy and the Missus, and I) played Fury of Dracula. Only Uncle Johnny, Cheruby and I played Ticket to Ride which was Uncle Johnny's Christmas present. I was fairly pleased with Ticket to Ride because it is much better than Russian Rails which is one of Uncle Johnny's most favourite games.

There were 5 dogs and 5 cats at the cabin this weekend. It was a plethora of well behaved dogs and cats too. Except Jander (black cat) who had an eye infection and has always had sinus issues and snots everywhere. Ick.

I've made plans to head to Edmonton on the first weekend in March. Hopefully, I'll be heading to Calgary sometime in March as well. It's my niece's birthday and I'd like to take the rest of Clark's stuff to him. Driving around Calgary in a mini-van will just gain me entrance to the mini-van race league. I will crush them all!

My kittens at home sure did miss me. They haven't really left me alone since I got home. They're so darling. They are usually whiney when I get home, but this time they weren't. It was a very pleasant surprise.

And it's been confirmed that the February long weekend will be spent up at Little Bear Lake ice fishing and snowmobiling and sitting in front of the fire. It's going to be awesome.

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Jenn & Owen said...

Woot! Suz in the Chuck in March! We're really looking forward to Suz in Edmonton after June 1, because then we'll have our new house.

auntie cool said...

Sure hope I get to see you this time round.

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