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So it turns out that I didn't get the flu from Cheruby as he is now very sick with fever from me. I do believe that I not only got the flu, but his cold last week. And now he just has the flu. Poor Cheruby. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm better at being sick than he is and I really suck at being sick.

My mom was wonderful when she was here. I mean, other than the avoiding me part where she wouldn't sit with me in my room because I was too sick. That never stopped her before. I doubt it means she loves me less, probably just that she's moving over and making room for Cheruby. [grin] Before leaving on Thursday, she took the time to carve the pathways to my house again. She's so great.

Mage on the weekend was really a lot of fun. I spent the entire afternoon with my good friend playing City of Heroes. My poor laptop was quite done with the whole things about 7 hours of playing straight. Heh. Then the game on Saturday night went well. Umbrella was late because she had to work and then one of the student's husband's was really late picking her up making us even later. Oh well, it gave us an excuse to go get burgers. Cheruby really, really enjoyed himself which was awesome. He skipped on coffee though cuz he had to work in the morning like a sucka!

We spent Sunday playing Cheruby's Playstation 3 and In Nomine. His cousin came over and partook of the PS3 goodness. We didn't get to play In Nomine for very long because Umbrella was feeling a little out of it due to lack of sustenance and longing for home. We ordered pizza, worked on the puzzle on my dining room table, and finally called it a day at 8 or so. Cheruby and I continued to PS3-out in the evening with Marvel Alliance or some such game. That game stole my Monday evening as well.

Today, I stopped by Dragon's Den to get a few more decks for my Blue Moon game that my angel got for me for Christmas. I got the Mimix and Aqua decks today. Mimix looks pretty cool, but Aqua looks freakin' awesome!! I'm really looking forward to having a go with them. I got a chance to review all the cards in the car while I was waiting for Umbrella to get done work.

Upon arrival at my house, I found my angel and his cousin doing the PS3 thing (gasp!). Cheruby's cousin took a piece of paper out of his pocket to show me. He passed, he passed, HE PASSED!! All that hard work studying for two months last fall paid off! He got 90 percent on his carpenter's journeyman exam. Wahoo!! Congratulations go out to Buddy on that one. Well earned and deserved.

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