Announcing Pirate Smith

The announcement was finally made at work so now I can tell everyone in my bloggy little world - I GOT THE JOB!!! I'm thrilled about the new challenge in my life. Of course, it's the kind of the thrill that makes me nauseated every so often, but all good. I've been smiling non-stop for days and not able to tell anyone why which I suck at, but I was steadfast. So apparently, I was brilliant in part two of the interview. I didn't have anything to lose so was able to relax and actually show them that of which I'm capable. Wahoo!! Anyways - methinks that there is cause for celebration and maybe even a drink. [gasp!]

So I gave in. They threatened to take my pirates away from me so I gave them their bloody money. I don't know who they are, but right now I both love and hate them. My eyes especially hate them right now because they burn. And tomorrow, I will be tired and I will hate them. And then I will click on the pirate on my desktop and all will fade to bliss. But right now I hate them.

My boyfriend and I went to a movie tonight. We saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. There were many times during the movie that we were laughing out loud. I think I want to own this movie once it is available. It really was the highlight of my day, other than the ever-blissful blistering pirates... Especially since I got to spend time with my sweetie. There has been so much going on that we really don't get enough time just for us.

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rilla said...

Congrats on the job Suz! I knew that the interviewing couldn't have gone as bad as you thought it did. Woot!

R:tAG said...

Yay Suz! Congratz!

neuba said...

Way to go Suz! You'll do awesome!

Suz said...

Thanks for all the encouragement.

kim said...

way to go, girl!

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