What the heck is that squeal?

I and my guests asked the same question. My roommate said it was the mouse that my cat killed in the kitchen after some commotion there. After the squealing had stopped, I went to the kitchen to check it out. I knew I wasn't going to like what I saw, but I was stealed against it.

Wrong!! After turning the light on in the kitchen which revealed my cat hiding behind my boyfriend's shoes, I turned around to go back into the living after identifying the creature that my cat was hiding from. Mice do not have wings.

Yes, there was a bat in my house. How did it get into my house and how long had it been there? I took my cat to the bathroom with me after that because I didn't want to go upstairs alone. It has become a priority of mine to fix the cold air return in the basement.

The bat had been quiet for a while so I moved toward my hiding cat. It squealed again and then I squealed and ran for my boyfriend as everyone else had entered the kitchen to see this thing. I thank the Lord for my cat even though he's a chicken. And I thank the Lord for my boyfriend who removed the winged thing and took it to the garbage bin out back. My boyfriend is going to check on it when he leaves to ensure it is not just laying there wounded and dying.

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