Is It Thursday Already?

Oh my goodness! It's amazing how time flies sometimes. Tuesday, Fading Suns was cancelled because the guy running the game was too busy planning for another game. So I spent the rest of the night on Tuesday making my eyes bleed by playing Puzzle Pirates with my Californian friend. You know it's bad when the game gives you a message saying that you've been on for a long time and maybe you should get up and go outside for some freshness. Any hardcore geek can play through the pain. Heh.

I did get to see my boyfriend on Tuesday too. And I *finally* got my raspberry Slurpee from the Sev. The disaster that occurred the previous Wednesday night, which I previously didn't mention because I was still too frustrated by the ordeal. It started out on a good note - everything was falling into place for me getting my passport stuff together to get it to my friend in Fort MacMurray to sign because she's a really and for true engineer. I dropped off with her mom who was going to visit her last weekend. YAY for being organized! After that, I decided to celebrate with this particular Crystal Light Raspberry Slurpee only available at 7-11. I stopped at the one on Idylwyld - there was a repair man behind the machine. Okay, the one on 2nd Ave isn't too far out of my way... They had Star Wars cups and everything there. I was very excited and picked out the cup I wanted and, you guessed it, the machine was broken. Fine, I give up. I'll just go home. And I got home just in time to get a call from my boyfriend asking for the pleasure of my company in a moving vehicle that happened to going from the university to his apartment. Sure, what the heck. It gave me an excuse to go to another Sev for my Slurpee. I get to the Sev after having to access it from a very particular route due to road construction on that corner. I picked out an even better Star Wars cup (it had Yoda on it) AND they had Slurpee lids in the shape of Darth Vader's head. It didn't get any better. And then I went to the Slurpee machine. I was denied. No Slurpee for me. Three Sevs in a row and I was out. Took my boyfriend home and didn't leave the house again.

So, anyway, I got my Slurpee on this Tuesday night and just about choked on it because it was sooooo incredibly sweet. I drank it anyway because I wanted the Yoda cup and I really wanted something that sweet. I really need to get a handle on that. My willpower is way down lately because I haven't been sleeping as much as I should what with too many pirates and worrying about work. I had some really good conversations today with the people on my team. Each conversation was so different and I really learned a lot about each person and what they expect even though they didn't put it into words sometimes. My expectations for myself are way higher than anyone else's, I'm pretty sure so even if I don't impress myself, I might still be able to make a difference to others at work and that's a really awesome feeling.

I got to see my mom yesterday and her puppy. He's pretty much full grown and my cat still outweighs him by a good couple pounds. It's very funny to see them together. I showed my mom Puzzle Pirates and gave her some Triscuits for the road as I had to run to my massage. I sleep very soundly through my massage. It was really funny because I actually was twitching my shoulder trying to get her to stop something in particular because it was keeping me from sleeping. I should have had her work on my hips first and then she could've worked really deep on my shoulders to get them into better shape before my trip to Calgary this weekend. Driving is going to make my shoulders even worse. I was pretty dopey for the rest of the night, but still managed to make three batches of fudge for the United Way BBQ at work today.

Yesterday, every great experience has a bad side. Take hiring someone new. Whenever I've gotten a new position, I've never put myself in the place of all the other people who didn't get the job. Well, I got a wake up call this week. With all the excitement of hiring someone new, it was a really system shock to have to turn others down. I know every one of the applicants was quite qualified to do the job, but I couldn't hire them all. It sucked, but I think seeing that side of it so closely and not being able to gloss over it was an eye-opener for me.

The United Way BBQ went really well today. I really didn't do a lot of the work this year. My peeps in the office really took care of it this year when they saw that I just didn't have the time with the new role and everything to handle every detail like I've done in previous years. Our new salesguy is absolutely wonderful. Although it's weird having a man in the office. Tonight, I worked a bit late because I was looking after a co-worker's assignments to make sure none of our clients would be forgotten if she couldn't make into work for a little bit. I had to call one of the clients and gave her a heart attack because she knew the area code was Saskatchewan but she didn't recognize the number. Her dad has cancer and she thought someone was phoning to tell her that something had happened. I was pleased to report that it was just her friendly Saskatchewan service provider and nothing bad had happened to her dad.

My boyfriend and I went costume shopping for this weekend. Then we had friends over to my place to play Earthdawn. One of them was extremely giddy tonight. I've never seen her that way - it was awesome. Her husband was just shaking his head in embarassment, but that just made it even more cute. We had a good time even though we didn't stay on topic a lot. We haven't really managed to stay on topic any Thursday night Earthdawn game yet. Maybe next week...

I guess it's been a busy week afterall.

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neuba said...

I can't believe that is the first time you have seen me like that Suz! We need to hang out more often. I am like that pretty much 80% of the time.

Have a good trip. Say hi to Bne!

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