United Way Day of Caring

My company always sponsors us to attend the United Way Day of Caring. We go out and do a project for an agency in the city that needs work done. This year, it was the McNab Community Centre. We had grand plans to paint the room and have time leftover to decorate and do some crafty projects to make the room more lively. It was so dreary outside that we couldn't even get the paint to dry. Hopefully today was better and the paint was able to dry some.

I was utterly exhausted by the end of the day yesterday. Although I brought my laptop to bed with me for a few minutes of Puzzle Pirates before sleep, it didn't even get turned on. I was asleep by 6 yesterday evening and got myself a full 12 hours of sleep. YAY!!

I've been really happy with work ever since I started accounting for all my time at work in half hour increments. I can see how much time I am actually putting into projects. What an eye-opener and really great at the end of the day to know what exactly I accomplished.

And today, I delegated. I got a co-worker to send out an email about the fridge stuffs as it's getting very full again. And then, a bunch of them took it upon themselves to fill in the BBQ spreadsheets that I'd put up. It put a bounce in my step to see it at the end of the day today.

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