Today was a spectacular day. I've still got a grin on my face just lying in bed typing this. I haven't had a day like this in a long time. Busy, didn't get enough done, but still fantastic!!

At work, we are taking part in the United Way Day of Caring which is happening on Wednesday. My company is the best I've ever worked for and the luxury of being able to go out into the community with the company's blessing and support for a whole day is truly amazing. I digress... one of the super ladies in the office sweet talked the Sask Energy Day of Caring group to build our shelves for us while we do all the painting. Sweet!! A bunch of women building shelves for the first time in our lives is probably a nice thought, but the practicality of the situation leaves a lot to be desired which I will remember for next year in picking our top projects. I'm going to make them fudge because I really appreciate their helping us out.

So above my measly $200, our team raised $2555 which was way more than I thought. Incredible, really. The Relay made $119,000 last year and this year was over $185,000!!! Way above budget and so exciting. I can't wait until the next board meeting. I'll probably start taking more of an active role on the board now that I've been with them for a year because I've gone full cycle.

A few years ago, my company let the United Way of Saskatoon borrow me for a few months in the fall to help with their annual campaign. The people I met were amazing and the training I got was awesome. It helps me a lot actually. A friend I met during that time at the United Way sent me a great email today. She's doing well and finally changed positions at work which she has been wanting to do for a while even if it is temporary. I love her drive to get things done. It's really great and so good to hear from her.

I had lunch today with a new manager at work. It was such a great chat. I'm really the type of person that needs to meet someone in person to really get to know them. But mannerisms to what I hear in her voice is so valuable. I'm just lucky that I've been able to meet so many of the people in my department across Canada.

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