Letter from the Hilton

So I got a letter today from the Vancouver Airport Hilton in response to my complaint. They apologized and thanked me for my feedback, but only hoped that I would return so they could show me real Hilton hospitality. Sorry, I'm not spending my money there so they can try again.

I didn't finish reading the book for the book club meeting tonight. After hearing about what I didn't get to, I was really glad that I didn't finish it. It was a short discussion about the book tonight and I was even late because I fell asleep trying to finish the book after getting home late because I had a chiropractor appointment and had to do some shopping for our company barbecue tomorrow night and then trying to drop that off didn't work very well because I had bad enough timing to show up during the five minutes that no one was home. [le sigh] Anyway, the discussion was short and no one actually said they liked the book. But that's what a book club is all about, right? Exploring the whole world of books, not just the ones you know you like. I guess that means that I should open myself up to true stories if someone wants to read one for the book club. I'll have to mention that at the next meeting. I really enjoy our discussions. And then I came home and added to much butter to the fudge so it's a lot softer than it should be.

I had some small triumphs at work today that really made my day. But now, I'm tired and need to sleep.

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