Christian Bale Delivers Batman

My boyfriend and I started our day by going to Amigo's for food and to discuss the Fading Suns LARP for SLARPcon'05 next weekend. We did a great deal of work on the event, enough that my presence for next weekend won't be necessary as I will be in Calgary. YAY! We had good food and good progress on the LARP planning.

Then my laptop battery died and we were done eating so we ditched the whole "working" idea and went to see Batman Begins at the Capitol 4 downtown. The popcorn was too salty and we needed more drink than they gave us in one cup to drown the lips-burning feeling, but I got a cool Batman popcorn bucket out of the deal. And, curse him, my boyfriend guessed right on the number of previews before the movie. I really shouldn't complain, I usually win that one 75% of the time, but I don't like losing. It doesn't sit right with me. [grin]

Batman Begins is a good movie. It takes a lot to make me speechless about something and this movie did it. My boyfriend thought I didn't like it because I wasn't readily agreeing to his statements about how much he liked the movie. I was still processing it. I really liked it. It was good Batman, not as cartoony as what I remember of the last few Batman movies.

When it was done, we came back to my house and watched Firefly all night. I also worked on the form letters/character sheets for the FS LARP because I was feeling motivated and had the time. I got into quite the routine with selecting which fields went where in the template and so, while it took me most of the evening, I did it in good company and with good entertainment in the background. The "country" touch to Firefly still makes me cringe a little, but I laugh enough that I'm getting more used to it. I was the formatting early enough that we were able to watch one more episode uninterrupted before my boyfriend started turning into a pumpkin.

Then another cat scare - the leash was over the fence. And I *know* that the leash isn't long enough to touch the ground on the other side of the fence. I pushed my boyfriend out of the way so that I could check that the leash didn't still have a cat on the other end. I yelled my cat's name and freaked out a bit and then drove my boyfriend home. By the time I got there, I was worried sick that my cat had broken his neck and crawled somewhere to curl up and die. So I kicked my boyfriend out of the car and didn't even make sure he was safe in the building before taking off home again. I really didn't know what I was going to do if I didn't find him. I was in tears a few times during the drive both ways and completely forgot about the same pothole twice. I opened the back gate and there he was, being all meowy and wanting inside. His neck didn't look any longer either. I'm still a little freaked about the whole thing. Note to self: move the pile of bricks by the fence tomorrow.

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neuba said...

I can relate, as there have been a few occasions where the cats were tethered up outside and Jake, dumb Jake would get himself tangled up in whatever was nearby - usually the deck. Then at somepoint get scared and make a mad dash for the door, forgetting he was tied up. There were definitely some close calls. Good to hear that the cat is ok.

Good to hear that the Batman movie is good. Maybe I will have to see it. I have never actually seen any one of the Batman movies. Though I have been told not to bother with movies 3 & 4.

rach said...

Hey, glad to hear your cat's okay, and it's really actually good for boyfriends to know that some things are just more important..!
I'm going to a "trade show" for lack of a better description, on Saturday afternoon, near Okotoks, if you are able to join me and the boys that would be superdeedooper! Call me.

R:tAG said...

Yah, went to see Batman this last weekend - it was great! I think it was my favorite Batman movie so far!

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