First of all, thanks very much for tagging me. But more for the encouragement of my attempt to read more.

Questions to Answer:
1) Number of Book I Own
2) Last Book(s) I Bought
3) Last Book(s) I Read
4) Five Books that Mean a lot to Me

1) Wow, I don't even know in rough terms how many books I own. There are a lot. Not as many as my roommate, but still quite a few. I recently gave ownership of my young adult books to my niece. And I gave a bunch of books to charity before I moved too. And am happy to admit that I don't own them any longer. I am completely embarassed to note that I probably haven't read about half the books I own. I'm going to guess around 80 or so, but who really knows.

2) Last book I bought was Angels and Demons by Dan Brown for our book club.

3) I'm currently reading Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing by Tomson Highway and Notes From A Small Island by Bill Bryson. I completed reading Angels and Demons.

4) Five books that mean a lot to me. Huh. This is a really hard question.

  • The Lorax by Theodor Seuss Geisel - It's the first book I gave to my current boyfriend and I remember the story from when I was quite little.
  • The Merro Tree by Katie Waitman (of which I can't find my copy) - It's represents to me the connection that my roommate and I had/have. Plus, I think it's a great story.
  • The Bible
  • My journals and daily planners (yes, my daily planners because they hold the history of my life)
  • South Beach Diet by Dr. Arthur Agatston - it's changing my life

HA! There. I did it.

I'm going to Regina tomorrow to celebrate a friend's birthday. Totally looking forward to seeing her and her man and their kids. It'll be nice to escape my life for a few hours.

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Owen the guy said...

Hey, Suz, I didn't know you were on South Beach, I started it, like, 6 months ago, and I've lost 40 pounds. I feel pretty good about it. I feel bad about the fact that they renovated the Unicorn and the only thing they changed was taking out our booth.

Suz said...

Owen! Congratulations! As of last Friday, I've lost 29 pounds. Looks like you'll be right sexy for your wedding!!

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