California is Far Away

It's a crazy busy life we lead and this week, I've spent more than the usual number of hours awake. But all that time has been well spent. It's been the most wonderful week in so many ways. Sure my sewer backed up and my furnace fan needed repairs last week and making that many lasagnas from scratch takes a long time, but when my boss at work mentioned that I wasn't having any luck with my house in the past week, it took me a few moments to clue in to what his meaning was. I had moved past all these obstacles and not looked back to make sure they were still behind me. How freeing!

Tonight at my most sleep deprived and emotional state, I had to say my farewells to the California folk. I cried. It felt so right to have them here and celebrating with them for a wedding, Christmas, and for no reason at all.

I had a few people ask why I was having everyone over for supper. The answer is simple - it was my Christmas gift to everyone. Time together with friends is far more valuable than any material gift and you get to keep something with you forever - the memories of your friends.

"In the animal kingdom, they call this presenting." There are so many quotes that should have been recorded for posterity, but there wasn't a quote sheet for the night.

The happy couple sure was smiley. It was a divine sight to behold. Their radiance filled the room.

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