Cha-a-a-a-arge It!!

Lots of shopping with a 7-year-old girl can be fun. Sometimes not, but mostly fun. Especially when she's whining in Home Sense, "I want to be able to buy whatever I want!" I responded that I too wanted to buy whatever I wanted. Then the lady in the next aisle said, "I was just thinking that very thing." Heh.

My frustration level was greatly increased by having to "deal" with a kid on top of my difficulties dealing with that many people while shopping. Good thing most of the stores we went to didn't have much of a crowd. Except Best Buy - that was a mistake and we left very soon. I did get some new towels, cheap picture frames, some new pictures, a new knife set that I like a lot. There was some other stuff too - lots of stuff from Michael's. There were some good sales at Michael's. I really liked this yarn called Wild - so soft!

Anyhoo, off to party now. Home tomorrow to see my kitten and friends. It's been a great week.

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neuba said...

Yeah...comments are back....

Love the new look Suz!

Suz said...

Thanks! Took me long enough to get it the way I want it.

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