Wrapping Presents

So my brother asked for help in wrapping presents after we got back from my sister-in-law's dad's house where we had supper and the kids opened some presents. He then indicated that he had to wrap all of them. That didn't bode well. So I agreed because I have never turned him down.

I carted them all upstairs so that our folks could get some sleep. After organizing all the stockings, I noticed my brother still hadn't shown up for his part in wrapping duty. Sure enough, there he was in bed lying next to my nephew. I wasn't going to be in this alone so I woke him up.

He eventually made it downstairs and managed to organize his family's stockings and wrap his present to me while watching two movies. And bad movies, they were. Good thing I was so distracted by wrapping all the other presents myself. Jiminy cricket, there were a lot!

In the midst of all the presents, my niece came downstairs. Uhhh... I thought our goose was cooked! But my brother just talked to her and asked her to go back to bed. And a few incoherent sentences, she went. It was a strange experience because, apparently, she was sleep walking. Freaked me right out, but Santa was real for another year.

I tidied and made it look presentable in the living room, trying not to leave any trace of humans, only the magic of Santa Claus. My brother, of course, didn't make it through the tidying period so I finished that up myself. He was probably already asleep by the time I crawled into bed. Apparently, he went to bed at 4:30.

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lance said...

Hey Suz,

This is way off-topic, so I used this old post. Sorry about that, I couldn't find an email.

A couple of things. First, you may have heard about my sask blogroll project. If not, I've built a blog roll list of SaskBlogs. You're on it. :)

If you want to list the blogroll, you can contact me and I can send the necessary code, it's nothing to add. Just a script element.

The second thing is that I've built the Sask Blogs Aggregator. Basically it polls the blogs that have RSS or Atom syndication feeds and posts their latest post.

You don't seem to have a feed, so your posts won't be added. If you do get a feed, then let me know and I'll add it to the Aggregator.

If you would prefer not to add the blog roll, that's cool. There's an option for just a small flag as a link that goes to the aggregator. It's small. :)

You can follow my profile to my email, or just send to lance@catprint.ca


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