The Goddess of Heating Strikes Again

After my duct and furnace cleaning on Thursday, I awoke today to find it chillier than I would have liked in my bedroom and bathroom on the second floor. The main floor was a little better, but not much. The basement, however, was almost a sauna.

The duct cleaning company was fairly helpful in offering to call a heating place to come check it out and offered to pay for the repairs if it was deemed to be their fault, but I was still annoyed at the implication that it was a coincidence that the fan just happened to stop working the day they cleaned.

My dad is awesome and always receives a phone call from me before I call any repair company. I phoned him from home at lunch and we discussed the possibilities and after some instructions as to what I was looking for, we determined that it was likely a broken wire in the power connection. By wiggling the wires, I was able to generate a slight movement in the fan belt from the motor - 5 inches was the most movement I got, but that was good enough for me to truly believe that it was just a bad connection.

I certainly didn't have time to fix it at lunch so I had to do it after work. I was supposed to have a date after work. Unfortunately, a warm house comes first so I had to fix that first and hopefully, have time for my date afterward.

More advice from my dad came when I had no idea how to strip the large metal cable insulation on the copper wires. Luckily, he gave me a pair of siecutters when I moved in - they have been invaluable. After stripping back the wires and reattaching them to the leads came the moment of truth when I flip the breaker to see if the fan actually comes on. Big breath and ... VICTORY!

And still enough time to make the movie.

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