Is It Just Me?

Okay, so where does all the time go? I swear I'm almost always busy and yet I don't seem to get anything accomplished.

Let's see, I got my iPod yesterday and I haven't even played with it yet. How bad is that? I also got Mr. & Mrs. Smith yesterday when I went into Future Shop to peruse the iPod accessory aisle. [le sigh] For Christmas, I want iPod accessories. All of them. Mwa-ha-ha...

Today, I went shopping with a co-worker for presents for our Christmas party. We had a ton of fun. Not finished yet, but we have a plan so it's going to be really good. I'm really looking forward to it - the Christmas party, that is. And my tall friend is coming with me to the party. I'm really looking forward to that too.

I have a cat draped across my forearms as I type this. Surprisingly how little one has to move one's arms while typing. He's just so awesome - my cat.

I heard from a friend today that I hadn't heard from in years. It was sort of a business call, but it was still good to hear his voice. He sounds a bit more grounded than he used to be which is good. Second kid on the way, married, and doing well in his chosen profession. I wish him all the best.

A friend of mine watched March of the Penguins the other day. I think I should just own that movie. I think I'd really like it. I've been wrong about these things before, but I've always found someone to give it to when I didn't care for it as much. I'll have to rent Sky High. We watched it in California, but it's been a while.

The weekend went somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I don't think I was home... I was home! I was home all day Saturday, waiting patiently for SaskTel. But no, they needed a bucket-truck. They didn't actually need a bucket-truck. Someone just didn't want to do my install on Saturday. Grrrr... So instead of being out of the house on Saturday, as was the plan, I sat here waiting. It could've been productive time, but it wasn't because I was expecting I'd be able to leave at any moment. Sunday, I was definitely not home. I slept in, but then left. I know because my cat mauled me when I got home that evening. Right now, his head is pushed into the top of my left hand as I type. Cold, slimy noses. Yech!

I think I'll pop in a movie, play with my iPod, and pester my boyfriend tonight.

Monday - visited a friend at her new house. It's totally awesome. I love some of her light fixtures. And I got to sleep late. Tuesday - worked til late. Wednesday - massage, soak and sleep. I was really tired. I guess I'm doing something, except Monday when I must have been kidnapped by aliens.

Obviously, this was in no particular order.

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