Productive Day

After a rocky start to the day, I dropped off my boyfriend at the university and started getting motivated. I hadn't done my books in months so after weeks of trying to get myself to do it and the pile getting bigger by the week, I finally did it. Took me a couple hours and I even got stuff cleaned up from 6 months ago. Way to go me! I actually feel like I might get through my to do list before Christmas. [gasp!]

Of course, I haven't thought about work much this weekend and that changes my to do list dramatically. Either way, I think I can do it. It's been a great weekend.

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rach said...

YAY for you! (books SUCK)
Hope that to-do list isn't too terribly long for you...

Suz said...

Wrapping presents for work and personal, embroidering stockings for our adopted family from work, make dinner for 16, make a wedding present, guests coming on the 17th and having guests or being a guest until the 29th, making fudge, finishing buying presents, wrapping presents, having the ducts cleaned, vacuuming, three doctor appointments, enjoy Christmas, attend parties, laugh, enjoy good company, etc.

You know, the usual. [grin]

rach said...

Mine isn't that long... Travel 12 hours, don't kill sister... Travel another 12 hours...

Suz said...

I laughed really hard at that - you're awesome. I realize that it is only so funny because it is so true...

rach said...

Yep, she has now grudgingly (tentatively)agreed to come all the way into town on the 24th to see us, even though it will be a huge inconvenience and she was really hoping not to have to drive anywhere this holiday... Did I mention that on the 26th they are going to Martensville?

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