A Glimpse

I had to drop off my kitten at her babysitter's house where she will be for two weeks. I got a small glimpse into what it must be like to leave your child for the first time. Now, all you mothers, don't be getting uppity about the comparison - I said a glimpse and a small one at that. I realize it's nowhere close to the feelings in connection with your own child, but the feelings of protection and not wanting to leave them has to be somewhere on the same path, just much closer to the beginning.

So on the heels of the drop-off taking 2 hours I couldn't really spare, I stopped by work to do two small quick things. And in the time I was in the office, which was less than 5 minutes, I got a flat tire. And then called CAA, remembered that I hadn't renewed my membership and it expired a week ago (they were very nice and sent the tow truck anyway), and waited for them to come. They came and changed my tire to the spare which he kept calling a training wheel because it was itty bitty. And then halfway home, that one went flat. I drove home anyway because I was exhausted and cold.

And now I'm really tired and not ready for my trip and I didn't get enough done today, but tomorrow will come whether I'm ready for it or not. I'm gonna get a few hours sleep now.

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cenobyte said...

Actually, that's *completely* like leaving your offspring for the first time. The sleeplessness, the worry, even though you know it will be fine, the wondering if something grand is going to happen "for the first time" while you're away...erm...okay, maybe not so much with a kitten, unless it's "shredding the drapes for the first time", or "having a big hairball for the first time"...

Anyway, when you have a Little Critter around, one what's still very dependent on you, leaving it with a Caregiver Other Than You is always hard. What if it doesn't remember you when you come home!!???

I remember feeling that way the first time I left my cat, and my kid, overnight.

carla said...

Damn! I am sorry that you had such bad luck with your tire(s). I'll send you an email.

carla said...

hey, suz! If you read this, go check out my blog. I posted pictures of Echo for you there :)

Jenn & Owen said...

I remember when we left Banjo and Mandy with my parents for two weeks to go on our honeymoon. It was so hard, but when we came back, my dad had taught both cats to come when called and to fetch. I think he has too much spare time on his hands.

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