My mom was so wonderful to me this weekend. Instead of my original plan to drive to Nipawin this weekend to pick up the brat and come home Sunday, she brought the brat to me and were even waiting for me when I got home at 1 a.m. on Friday night. That was a fantastic surprise after my two weeks of travel. I don't know how anyone does that on an ongoing basis.

We chatted for about an hour after I got home. Giggling and talking about lots of things. It was perfect.

I spent a lot of the rest of the weekend sleeping. That did wonders for my energy level and cold. However, the pink-eye still hasn't cleared up. I probably need to go see my doctor again.

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neuba said...

Yes Suzi...definitely go see the doctor. I had pink eye, and it seemed to continue to transfer from one eye to the next for about 1 month.

The doctor should prescribe some wonderful eye drops that will get rid of it.

You have to be EXTRA careful about touching your eyes, as it spreads VERY easily. I as annoyed that it took so long to get rid of it, even with the eye drops. It just kept spreading.

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